Meet The Badger - And His Friends

Welcome to Mama Badger’s library. She loves to gather the little ones from the neighbourhood around her and tell stories of little Dennis The Badger’s adventures and his Animal Friends – and you can read all about them here. But before we start … you might want to find out who this little fellow and his friends are and learn more about what they get up to? Well, you’ve come to the right place … 

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Like all badgers, Mama Badger, too, is a very, very busy badger. Right now, you will find her in her den, scribbling away, putting all her stories to paper, so she can share them with you! So, if you want to read more about little Badger and his friends’ adventures, make sure to get on the Badger Friends List. And little Badger is sure to sneak some goodies into the email too.

Meet Dennis The Badger ...

Well, you might have already guessed: little Dennis the Badger is quite the busy craftsman and inventor. He is always busy travelling around the world looking for new ideas for things to make for his friends. 

And he has many of them! He has Forest Friends, Ocean Friends, Jungle Friends and who knows how many others!

... and the Jungle Friends Tiny Tots

Today, let’s join his Jungle Friends Tiny Tots and see what happens when they meet Dennis the Badger once again. 

The Jungle Tiny Tots meet to play almost every day and today they are off to the waterfall to see if Dennis the Badger has returned from one of his journeys around the world.

The skies are blue, the sun is shining and the jungle is sparkling after the heavy rainfall. The tiny tots love to play in the warm rain and splash in the pools.

Hidden behind the waterfall is a huge cave and that is where Dennis the Badger can sometimes be found, working on his latest ideas and inventions.

Let’s get to know these Jungle Tiny Tots on their way to the waterfall.

Leo the Lion

Leo the lion, leads the way to the waterfall. He is the bravest and sees himself as the king of the jungle. Leo will protect all his friends. If necessary, he will shake his majestic mane and flash his sharp claws.

Elsa the Elephant

Elsa the elephant follows Leo and thinks of the waterfall as the beginning of the big world she’s always dreaming about. And the handsome mammoth she dreams of marrying one day.

Chico the Chimpanzee

Chico the chimpanzee is taking a free ride on Elsa’s back and is up to his usual monkey business trying to grab Elsa’s big floppy ears. He can drive his friends bananas!

Gina the Giraffe

Gina the giraffe follows Elsa. She holds her head up high and can look down on the whole band of Tiny Tots to make sure they stay together. She loves unicorns and thinks that her two horns come with twice the magic unicorns have. Could her magical powers come in useful for her tiny tot friends??

Ziggy the Zebra

Walking beside Gina is her closest friend, Ziggy the zebra. Gina’s magic makes her feel safe, as she once got lost in a herd of wild ponies and wondered where their stripes had gone and was afraid she would lose hers. Gina said her magic would make sure that wouldn’t happen so now Ziggy wears her stripes with pride.

Theo the Tiger

Theo the tiger follows Gina and Ziggy. He’s a big softy really, not at all wild and scary as tigers usually are, more like a cuddly tabby cat on your couch.

Hugo the Hippo

Hugo the hippo ambles alongside Theo. His tusks are so impressive and big that even the tooth fairy struggled to carry them away. So she decided to let Hugo keep both canines. Now he shows off his bright and shiny “bling” with pride.

George the Gorilla

George the gorilla follows Theo and Hugo. He thinks he’s a Silverback great ape. But he’s more of a playful baby gorilla pretending to be King Kong. And he always has an eye on his friend Mickey the meerkat, to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep or fall too far behind.

Mickey the Meerkat

Mickey the meerkat is trailing behind the rest of them. Mickey loves to nap and can even do this standing up. Sometimes he misses most of what’s happening – even when he’s supposed to be awake and on the watch!

They finally arrive at the waterfall. It falls into a lovely blue lake and behind it are crystal caves. Around the waterfall and lake are lots of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. It’s the kind of place where magic may happen. But there are also other creatures that their parents have told them to be on the lookout for … as some of them might not be very friendly!

At Badger's Workshop

Well, today they are in luck. When they go behind the waterfall to the hidden cave they can hear Dennis the Badger in his workshop.

All in unison they call out to him, “Hi Badger!” And then Leo, the leader, says, “We were hoping you would be here today. Do tell us about your journeys and any new invention you have.” All of the others chime in with “Oh, yes, please do!”

Dennis the Badger puts down his tools and goes over to them with a big smile on his face. “Good to see you all again and I have lots to tell you about. But first I’ll show you my new inventions. And if you really like them, I could even make one for each of you in your favourite colour and with your name on it.” The Jungle Tiny Tots are all ears and can’t wait.

Badger's Clever Inventions

Dennis the Badger fetches a huge holdall which has pictures of the Jungle Tiny Tots on it. They all gasp in delight when they see their pictures all over it. Dennis the Badger opens the bag and one by one begins to pull out lots of his inventions. Wide eyed they all look on.

There’s colourful stuff and cheerful stuff and cozy stuff, comfortable stuff and fun stuff … Badger has even made dazzling face masks to keep his friends safe … and much, much more. The Jungle Tiny Tots are especially amazed when they discover all of their pictures on these goodies.

Dennis the Badger goes on to say, “If you look at my workbench, you’ll see lots of other things I’m still working on.” “Do tell us,” Gina the giraffe says as she lowers her head to take a closer look.

“Well,” Dennis the Badger says, “I’m presently working on some clever inventions for your homes! Things that hold things. Things that cover things. And things that things can stand on. And things that make nice things look even nicer. And so much more! And all of it with any of my many friends’ pictures on. And whoever wants any of these inventions can chose their favourite colour and have their name on them!”

All the Jungle Tiny Tots start clapping their hands with glee.

Pretty Personalised Presents for All

Dennis the Badger says, “So, now, before I get back to my workbench, I’ll make a list of what each of you would like to have. And when you come back in a few days, I might have them ready for you”.

The Jungle Tiny Tots all start talking at once and eventually Dennis the Badger has their orders on his very long “To Do” list. This will keep him a very busy, busy badger indeed.

They all say their goodbyes and start heading home to tell their parents and siblings about their exciting day at the waterfall with Dennis the Badger – who is now back at his workbench with a big, big smile on his face, working on his inventions and creating new gifts for his friends.

To be continued …

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