Badger gets well excited about surprises and hearing from friends around the world. So if you have any questions, suggestions or a big hug and love to send, please do, he’d love to hear from you!

You have to know though that he spends most of his time busy in his workshop with the “Please don’t disturb” sign on the door. No one really knows what kind of magic is happening in there until he emerges, all excited, with his latest clever invention.

You must also know that he keeps his den free of paper and clutter and therefore asks the postman not to drop any paper mail. No one knows what the postman actually does with Badger’s mail, if he ever gets any.

badger letter circle 300

He’s kind of an activist badger that way, likes to do his part to be kind to the planet and not wasteful. So he asks his friends to use modern, resource-friendly solutions and the best way to reach him is to send an email. He’ll be chuffed that you did! 

Write to info [at] – and no worries, even if Badger happens to be busy in his workshop for many days, his family will pick up your email and get back to you as fast as their little paws can type. Usually you’ll hear from us within one work day. 

If you’ve been wondering where we are located… well, we don’t have a local store. And actually, our family is quite spread around the globe and we all meet up online to build this “virtual badger den”. We also travel a lot – you know, little Badger needs a companion on his journeys. If you need to visualise a real badger den somewhere, think of us as serving you from London in the UK. But we’d like to be your friend no matter where you are on the globe.