About DennisTheBadger

You might call us a family & friends business. In fact, for the moment, it’s mainly a brother & sister operation. With a little help from Badger, of course. And his friends. And we mustn’t forget Mama Badger and her wonderful children’s stories.

We consider our family rather lucky to be blessed with such creative talent. Well, at least some of us are. But while the artwork and cute ‘n’ colorful designs had been piling up for decades, it was only in 2020 that more family members jumped in and decided it was time for little DennisTheBadger to leave his nest and seek adventures outside the desk drawer where he’d been hidden away for such a long time. Or rather the disk storage folders. 

Anyways, this is where his journey begins, sharing some inspiration and cheerful creations with the world. We hope little Badger will brighten up your day too!

We’ll be sharing more insights into our team and project here soon … If you don’t want to miss out, let Badger know – see “Badger News” in the top menu. 

Oh, you came here to find out more about Badger? Of course you did. How silly of us. But nevermind, you’re almost there. And he’s quite a fella with lots to tell you about. You should find it well worthwhile paying him a visit. But if he’s too busy, Mama Badger will tell you all about his adventures. Head over here, just round the corner, to the Badger Den >>